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Women’s Spaces Radio Show with guests JD Donovan and Bonnie Bryen on Sonoma County Pride Parade and Dr. Harriet Fraad on Stormy Daniels and Shame Ownership, recorded on 5/28/18, has been uploaded to the web archives. The show was recorded, broadcast and streamed over Radio KBBF 89.1 FM in the NorthBay on Monday 5/28/18 and repeat broadcast and streamed over Radio KPCA 103.3 FM in Petaluma on Tuesday 5/29/18.

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Announcements    (See Links below)


1. JD Donovan , President, Sonoma County Pride

2. Bonnie Bryen,Volunteer Corrdinator,  Sonoma County Pride

3. Dr. Harriet Fraad, Mental Health Counselor, Pioneer of the Feminist Movement


1. JD Donovan and 2. Bonnie Bryen talk about the upcoming Sonoma County Pride Celebration and the 31st Annual Parade this weekend, and how they each became involved in the Pride community.  Sonoma County PRIDE (SCP) is an all-volunteer-led 501c-3 non-profit organization. Their mission is dedicated to enhancing the lives and well being of our LGBTQI community and allies throughout Sonoma County. Contact SCP to volunteer for the celebration and parade.

About our Guest:  JD Donovan has participated with Sonoma County Pride for many years and is currently the acting President. Originally from the Laguna Beach are of Southern California she was transplanted to the Russian River in 2009 and now considers Sonoma County home. JD is an avid photographer and self proclaimed “crazy cat lady”.

About our Guest: Bonnie Bryen has been involved with Sonoma County Pride for many years and is currently the Volunteer Coordinator.

Guests and SCP Event Link: www.sonomacountypride.org


3. Dr. Harriet Fraad talks about the significance of Stormy Danielsrefusing to be shamed for her profession as a pornstar, and rather allowing the male clients to own up to their own shame regarding their wives and reputation. Dr. Fraad points out how Stormy Daniels is helping women stand up to abusive behavior in a male dominated world even as it is encouraged by the remarks and behavior of the President of the nation.

About our Guest:  Dr. Harriet Fraad,Ed.D, is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in private practice in New York City. She is a founding member of the feminist movement and the journal Rethinking Marxism. For 40 years, she has been a radical committed to transforming US personal and political life. She writes regularly for Truthout, and journals such as Tikkun, and The Journal of Psychohistory. Her latest book written with Richard Wolff and Stephen Resnick is Class Struggle on the Home Front (Palgrave 2009). She writes a blog called “Economy and Society” with Richard D. Wolff that appears on her website, harrietfraad.com, and the website of Richard Wolff, RDWolff.com. Her newest publication is an essay written with Tess Fraad-Wolff, “Imagine Personal and Sexual Life Under Socialism” which appears in the forthcoming book Imagine Socialism in the USA (Harper Collins, 2013). She is also a monthly guest on the Richard Wolff, “Economic Update.”

Guest Link: www.harrietfraad.com


Announcement Links

Vote by June 5, 2018

League of Women Voters Event Link: http://lwvsonoma.org/calendar.html

We will also provide links on the 2018 Political Candidates page.


On Saturday, June 2 from 1-5pm, Andy’s Unity Park Dedication/JCAL Reunion Community Celebration. 3399 Moorland Ave, Santa Rosa


Friday June 1 through Sunday June 2 Sonoma County Pride Celebration and Parade www.sonomacountypride.org


Music Selections:

The Opening and Closing Theme song is with permission of the Composer and Singer Alix Dobkin: The Woman in Your Life is You by Alix Dobkin from the album Living with Lavender Jane (Women’s Wax Works) – www.alixdobkin.com

No More War  by Jacqueline Sharpe (Vintage Masters)

We are the Women sung by Betsy Rose and the Womansong Chorus from the ablum Welcome to the Circle (Paper Crane Music.)

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