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Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 with host Elaine B. Holtz and guests Alicia Sanchez on KBBF year end reflection, Susan Jensen on owning a local business and Erin Carlstrom of Santa Rosa city upcoming agenda setting meetings, broadcast on 12/29/14, has been added to the Radio Archives.


To listen to the 60-minute recording click the link to the archive page above.

Year End Reflection and Looking Ahead

Featuring Guests:

1. Alisia Sanchez – KBBF Board Member

2.Susan Jensen – Local Business Owner

3. Erin Carlstrom City Councilperson, Santa Rosa


Music Break:  Let There Be Peace on Earth by Angel Love

Guest 1:  Alicia Sanchez reflects on Radio KBBF’s role in the community, especially with the killing of 13-year old Andy Lopez by a Sheriff deputy.  The new studio came on line this month and promises to be conducive to even more commnunity involvement.

Guest Link: http://kbbf-fm.org/

Music Break:  Prayer of St. Francis,(Make Me A Channel of Your Peace) sung by Angelina

Guest 2: Susan Jensen reflects on being an owner/manager of Economy Plumbing, a local plumbing business, in a typically male industry.  Susan is the daughter of the host of this show, Elaine B. Holtz. The need to develop Public Relation to be.

Guest Links:  http://economyplumbingsr.com/

Auld lang syne – Guy Lombardo

Guest 3:  Erin Carlstrom, City Councilwoman, invites city of Santa Rosa citizen for input on the agenda and goal setting for the next 2 years at the upcoming city council meetings in January.

Guest Links:  www.facebook.com/ErinBCarlstrom

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