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Women’s Space Radio Show with host Elaine B. Holtz and guest Keelyn Walker and her grandmother Nancy Wang on Martial Art Competition in China and Saybrah Breeair on the Rally protesting the detention of children taken from their parents seeking asylum, has been uploaded to web archive. The show was recorded, broadcast in the North Bay and streamed worldwide over Radio KBBF 89.1 FM  on Monday 7/8/19 at 11 AM (repeats at 11 PM) and repeat broadcast in Petaluma and streamed worldwide over Radio KPCA 103.3 FM on Wednesday 7/10/19 at 11 AM.

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Featuring Guests

1. Keelyn Walker, Marital Arts Student at Wu Academy and International Competitor

2. Nancy Wang, Grandmother of Keelyn and President of the Redwood Empire Chinese Association

3. Saybrah  Breeair , Member, Indivisible Sonoma County, Attendee of Rally in Santa Rosa on July 2nd protesting the inhumane detention of chldren taken from their parents seeking asylum in the USA.


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 Our Featured Guests

1. Keelyn Walker and her grandmother 2.  Nancy Wang recount their visit to China where Keelyn competed in Martial Arts in Cheng Du, SziChuan, China, June 14-18, 2019. Keelyn returned with a bronze medal for her 3rd place in performing the Shaolin Traditional Long Fist and for her Single Broad Sword she placed 4th in this international competition with children of her age. She has undergone 6 years of training with local master teacher Justin Egert of the Wu Academy in Santa Rosa.

About our Guest:  Keelyn Walker is born in Santa Rosa, CA, 12 years old,  and attends the 6th grade at Proctor Terrace Elementary School.  She learned martial arts under the guidance of master teacher Justin Eggert, at the Wu Academy in Santa Rosa for the past 6 years. She has competed in multiple competitions to receive a high cumulative score of 8 points or above. On April 6, 2019 in San Jose, CA, Keelyn qualified with gold for Single Broad Sword and silver metal for Shaolin Traditional Long Fist qualifying her to compete in these categories in China.


About our Guest:  Nancy Wang is Chinese American who was born in Taiwan. She attended junior college in Japan and settled in California with her husband in 1977. She is co-founder and President of the Redwood Empire Chinese Association which began in a garage in 1988 with the goal of teaching our children Chinese culture and language. Nancy has been involved in many organizations and committees and has served on the Santa Rosa’s City Council Advisory Committee (CAB) for 15 years, plus many other associated civic committees. She is also the proud Grandmother of Keelyn Walker and accompanied her to China for the Competition.

Guest links: Redwood Empire Chinese Association  www.recacenter.org

Wu Academy  http://wu-academy.com/


3. Saybrah Breeair  attended the Rally in Santa Rosa on Courthouse Square on July 2nd protesting the inhumane detention of chldrenta taken from their parents seeking asylum in the USA. She reports on that rally that attracted a couple of hundred protestors and of the policies of the USA in Central and South America and that led to the migration of asylulm seekers fleeing the misery. Indivisible Sonoma County keeps our elected officials informed through telephone calls by their constituents who are alerted by Indivisble on pressing issues.

About our Guest: Saybrah Breeair is a former Ann Arbor Michigan resent moved to Sonoma County last year. Prior to moving here she was a member of the Ann Arbor, MI City Council. She immediately became involved in the community and joined Indivisible Sonoma County at their first general meeting in January, 2017 and currently sits on their advisory council. She is active member of the local Democratic Party, and volunteers for the City.

Guest links:  www.indivisiblesoco.com




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