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Women’s Spaces Radio Show with guest Kym Trippsmith and Songs of a Concerned Mom, recorded on 5/7/18, has been uploaded to the web archives. The show was recorded, broadcast and streamed over Radio KBBF 89.1 FM in the NorthBay on Monday 5/7/18 and repeat broadcast and streamed over Radio KPCA 103.3 FM in Petaluma on Tuesday 5/8/18.

The link to the show’s archive webpage is


Kym Trippsmith aka Mamazon
Songs of a Concerned Mom
Healing the Trifecta of Fear

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1. Kym Trippsmith , aka Mamazon, Musician, Author, CEO of Amazon Productions


1. Kym Trippsmith.shares her story as an immigrant from Scotland over Canada as her father sought work opportunity. For a time she was raised in Florida and because of her accent she came to understand up close the racist attitudes of the South and identified more with her Black peers at school. Concerned about the safety of her children going to school and playing in the neighborhood, Kym describes how she came to write the two songs she sings live on today’s show:  After the Parkland School shootings and the alarm at Analy High School where her son attends Kym composed Never Again Anthem; and after a boy the same age as her son, 13-year old Andy Lopez, was shot multiple times and killed by Sheriff Deputy Erich Gelhaus while carrying a toy gun and other youths mostly of darker skin were being killed by police, Kym composed Hands Up, Don’t Shoot. As a futher treat, Kym shares her medicine for Healing the Trifecta of Fear: Shame, Betrayal and Abandonment.

About our Guest:  Kym Trippsmith.was born in Scotland. Kym writes stories, poetry and folk ballads laced with political satire, unvarnished truths, mystical clarity, family honesty and sly humor. Kym hosts the weekly Feisty Females Radio Show at KOWS 92.5 fm (www.kows.fm) out of Occidental every Friday from 11am to 1pm. She manages the stilting troupe Diva Galactika, and produces all kinds of events as the CEO of Amazon Productions. Also known as Mamazon,
Kym sings stories alive, weaving characters from the highways and byways of our joyous and sometimes weary world and she seeks to embody the loving healer by practicing the arts of herbal magic, lymphatic drainage massage and Ayurveda. Kym is the mom of two extraordinary kids who inspire her to work and sing for environmental justice and peace every day.

Guest Link: www.feistyfemales.net/amazonproductions


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League of Women Voters Event Link: http://lwvsonoma.org/calendar.html

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Music Selections:

The Opening and Closing Theme song is with permission of the Composer and Singer Alix Dobkin: The Woman in Your Life is You by Alix Dobkin from the album Living with Lavender Jane (Women’s Wax Works) – www.alixdobkin.com

Mother’s Day Proclamation: by Julia Howe recited by Ghizela Rowe from the Album: The Female Poet – Vol #3 (Portable Poetry)

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