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Women’s Spaces Radio Show with guests Faith Ross and Gloria Robinson on 40 Years of Black History Month, broadcast via KBBF-FM 89.1 on 2/12/18, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Announcements  (See Links below)

Nancy Wang of the Redwood Empire Chinese Association calls in to announce the Year of the Dog Celebration at the beginning of the show – see the poster below under Announcements.

February is Black History Month –  (see some tributes below)


1. Faith Ross , Founding Member, Petaluma Blacks for Community Development

2. Gloria Robinson, Founding Member, Petaluma Blacks for Community Development


1. Faith Ross and 2. Gloria Robinson discuss the history of African Americans in Petaluma that began in the 1800s and share some upcoming events in February for the 40th Anniversary of Black History Month in Petaluma. Both are founding members of the Petaluma Blacks for Community Development (PBCD), and talk about its programs in tutoring and Career Day.  Close ties with the Petaluma Historical Library and Museum allows for PBCD to share African American cultural heritage with the larger community in a special exhibit through February 25: Reflections – 40 Years of Celebrating Black History Month

About our Guest:  Faith Ross is currently involved in her community of Petaluma through Petaluma Blacks for Community Development (PBCD), Petaluma Historical Library and Museum, and the Petaluma Christian Church. A native of California but raised in Louisiana, Ross graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a degree in Business Administration. Ross retired from the Auditor/Assessor’s Office at the County of Sonoma after working in public service for many years. She continues to learn new material, taking courses at local colleges in San Francisco and Sonoma County. Faith Ross is a current member of the Sonoma County Human Rights Commission. Ross has been the curator of several successful exhibitions at the museum including “Women who fought for Civil Rights” and “The Many Faces of Petaluma – The Ethnic and Cultural Diversity of our City.” As one of the founding members of PBCD, Ross has helped to promote an understanding of black history and culture by providing a free community Black History Program, and other events during February which is Black History Month. Faith Ross teaches Sunday school and is the Treasurer for Petaluma Christian Church.

About our Guest:  Gloria Robinson is one of the founders of Petaluma Blacks for Community Development and former Secretary and co founder of the NAACP chapter in Sonoma County. Born into Miami Florida’s segregated South, Gloria learned at an early age the injustice of segregation. By age twenty six she was married with four children. Her husband’s employment brought the family to San Francisco, then to  Marin County and finally settling in Petaluma. It was in Petaluma that she became active in the community. She was one of the first appointed members to the to the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) where she coordinated the Women of Color Task Force and developed the Women of Color section for the 1980 CSW report.

Guest Link: Petaluma Blacks for Community Development facebook page www.facebook.com/pb4cd/

Petaluma Historical Library and Museum Special Exhibit

Reflections 40 Years of Celebrating Black History Month
An exhibit which tells the story of Petaluma’s black population since the 1800’s and highlights major local and national events during the last 40 years. Feb.8-25, Open Thurs – Sat 10-4, Sun, 12-3. www.petalumamuseum.com


Announcement Links 

Nancy Wang of the Redwood Empire Chinese Association calls in to announce the Year of the Dog Celebration at the beginning of the show:

Redwood Empire Chinese Association link: www.recacenter.org/

February is Black History Month

We honor one of the co-founders of the National Organization for Women (NOW),  feminist Civil Rights Lawyer and Priest, Rev. Dr, Pauli Murray. Rev. Murray was an African-American civil rights activist, who was arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus in Petersburg, Va. 15 years before Rosa Parks bus protest; and she organized restaurant sit-ins in Washington, D.C. 20 years before the Greensboro sit-ins. She was one of the most important thinkers and legal scholars of the 20th century, serving as a bridge between the civil rights and women’s rights movements. Reverend Murray was a feminist icon ahead of her time, who challenged race and gender discrimination in legal, societal, academic and religious circles. And yet today, not many would recognize the name of the Reverend, Dr. Pauli Murray – let alone her indelible impact on American law, civil rights and women’s rights. As a black, lesbian, feminist woman, Pauli Murray has been almost completely erased from the narrative. It is time she was recognized.
Something to think about: “If one could characterize in a single phrase the contribution of Black women to America, I think it would be ‘survival with dignity against incredible odds’…”– Pauli Murray, “Black Women-A Heroic Tradition and a Challenge” (1977)

We honor a second African American Woman, Ella Baker. Ella Baker was a dedicated civil rights activist, who worked with the NAACP, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee among other organizations. Spurred on by her grandmother’s tales of slave master cruelty, Ella spent her life fighting for equal rights while single-handedly taking care of her niece. A documentary chronicled her story in 1981 entitled ‘Fundi: The Story of Ella Baker’. ‘Fundi’ was her nickname, which came from the Swahili word for a person who passes down her craft to the next generation. Ella definitely left an impressive legacy behind for us to be grateful for.


Music Selections:

The Opening and Closing Theme song is with permission of the Composer and Singer Alix Dobkin: The Woman in Your Life is You by Alix Dobkin from the album Living with Lavender Jane (Women’s Wax Works) – www.alixdobkin.com

Ella’s Song sung by Anna Fritz from the Album: On A High Hill (2016 564490 Records DK) – a tribute to Ella Baker (1903-1986), African-American civil rights and human rights activist

Sojourner Truth sung by New Harmony Sisterhood Band from the album And Ain’t I A Woman, (1977 Paredon Records)

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