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Women’s Spaces Radio Show with guests Nora Villanueva on her radio show Classical Tones and Dr. Ellen Barnett, MD, on Imagine You program,  broadcast via KBBF-FM 89.1 on 1/8/18, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Announcements  (See Links below)


1. Nora Villanueva, Radio KBBF Programmer, Tono Clasicos (Classical Tones)

2. Dr. Ellen Barnett, , Ph.D., M.D. Medical Director Integrative Family Practice, Imagine You


1.   Nora Villanueva talks about her journey into radio and the broadcast of her weekly show Classical Tones beginning in her homeland Peru, where she as a young girl was so inspired by seeing a performance of Swan Lake that she studied classical training in ballet and became a professional dancer.

About our Guest: Nora Villanueva is a former principal ballerina in both Peru & Columbia. Nora has also instructed ballet since the age of 16. After winning a one-year scholarship in London Nora was invited to participate in ballets in Aberdeen, Scotland and Havana, Cuba. Classical, modern and folk music have always been in the repertory of the ballets she has performed, and she has danced classical during her entire ballet career.  Since 2014 Nora has volunteered at KBBF in the office and doing the Community Calendar and news. Since January of 2017 has hosted the Tonos Clasicos (Classical Tones) program and a guest on the Caminos Indigenas program Sunday afternoons.

Guest Link: https://kbbf.org/tonos-clasicos/


2. Dr. Ellen Barnett shares her journey into integrative medicine and the development of the program Imagine You in 2000. It is a program that offers people the opportunity to step back, regroup, take a moment to acknowledge where they are, and envision what is next (tomorrow, next week, next month, next year) for themselves. Such reflection has been found to be beneficial in the healing process.

About our Guest:  Dr. Ellen Barnett  has her California Physicians and Surgeons License since 1982. She was a former Physician Assistant Supervision and Certified Balint Leader – American Balint Society 2002-present. Among her many medical degrees and certification she managed to  study Journalism/Communications USC and holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Science from UC Berkeley, She has a background in Educational Planning and developed the Imagine You project.  Since the inception of the program in 2000 people across the spectrum have participated in an Imagine You class.

Guest Link: http://imcfound.org/imagine-you/


Announcement Links 

Celebrate the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Free annual family event, Oratories by students, Sunday at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM, Santa Rosa High School Auditorium 1235 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa

Music Selections:

The Opening and Closing Theme song is with permission of the Composer and Singer Alix Dobkin: The Woman in Your Life is You by Alix Dobkin from the album Living with Lavender Jane (Women’s Wax Works) – www.alixdobkin.com

Circle of Life sung by Carmen Cusack, Chorus and David Shannon from the Album: The Best of the West End (Jay Productions 2006)

We are the Women by Betsy Rose and the Women Song Chorus from the Album: Welcome to the Circle (Paper Crane Music)

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