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Women’s Spaces Radio Show with host Elaine B. Holtz and guests Marjorie Favuzzi on EFT Tapping for PTSD, and our guests Christine Castillo and Catelin Quinn on Verity 24/7 Crisis Hotline on abuse,  broadcast via KBBF-FM 89.1 on 12/4/17, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Announcements  (See Links below)

Featured Guests

1. Marjorie Favuzzi, Director, Success In Hand,  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping

2.  Christine Castillo, Executive Director, Verity, 24×7 Crisis Hotline

3. Catelin Quinn, Communications Coordinator, Verity, 24×7 Crisis Hotline


1.   Marjorie Favuzzi shares her path to her present healing work with EFT Tapping.  She has recently held a couple of free workshops to help residents of Sonoma County with the post trauma stress from the October Wildfire Disaster that destroyed thousands of homes and hundreds of business structures in Santa Rosa. Marjorie helps folks turn challenges into strength.  Learn about this fascinating and simple procedure to help yourself and others.

About our Guest:  Marjorie Favuzzi, Director of Success In Hand, is a Certified Coach, and contractor for the State of California. As an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping, Matrix Practitioner, and coach, Marjorie has empowered clients to calm PTSD, release roadblocks, increase personal peace, improve relationships and channel their power into success for more than 28 years. Marjorie’s signature system, Turning I Can’t Into I CAN! ® provides real practical tools to focus, tap into potential and take action. Marjorie loves working with teens, and volunteering with the Alternatives to Violence Project, taking heart-expanding workshops into prisons.

Guest Link: https://successinhand.com/

Guest Suggested Links on EFT Tapping:




2. & 3.  Christine Castillo and Catelin Quinn talk about their paths leading them to work at Verity, helping female and male victims of abuse.  Christine has worked for the organization when it was called United Against Sexual Assault and led a rebranding and focus on the mission of Verity working in cooperation with the community:  Verity facilitates healing and promotes the prevention of violence by providing counseling, advocacy, intervention, and education in our community. Caetlin joined Verity and speaks with the passion of a “Me, too” Wounded Healer, as she shares her story of abuse at Sonoma State University, where this abuser of multipler women students was shielded by the Professors and Administration and allowed to graduate with enough recommendations to enter Harvard Law School. The Verity 24×7 Crisis Hotline and counseling are strictly confidential.  Since those younger than 18 years old are in guardianship and the law mandates reporting, Verity first informs the youth not to give any identifiers before counseling them.on the phone and lets clients know if a next step would require breaking the confidentiality to allow free choice in the decision.

About our Guest: Christine Castillo is the Executive Director for Verity earned her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Sonoma State University, with external work for her Master’s Degree in psychology. Chris has over 35 years of experience with nonprofit organizations in Sonoma County, working with diverse populations and cultures. She is committed to eliminating myths and stereotypes surrounding sexual assault and bringing our community together to become better informed, educated and able to speak out against sexual abuse. Chris will continue to pursue her passion for community collaboration.

About our Guest: Catelin Quinn is the communications coordinator: for Verity. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2015, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a minor in public policy. While studying at Cal, she was involved with the student organizing, government affairs, and nonprofit work for a variety of progressive causes in the Bay Area and Washington, D.C. After a year of getting reacquainted with what Sonoma County has to offer, Caitlin decided she wanted to do meaningful work in the community where she grew up, and joined the Verity team in July 2016.

Guest Link: www.ourverity.org


24 X 7 Crisis Hot Line: (707) 545- 7273


Announcement Links 

Sonoma Strong Healing Fair, Saturday, Dec.9, 10 am – 5 pm fb event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/338111636599291/


Link of FOSNA event that Elaine attended:



Migrant Education Family Fund Donation page


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The Opening and Closing Theme song is with permission of the Composer and Singer Alix Dobkin: The Woman in Your Life is You by Alix Dobkin from the album Living with Lavender Jane (Women’s Wax Works) – www.alixdobkin.com

Brother Warrior sung by Sherry Austin from the Album: Love Still Remains ((Barking Topiary)

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