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Women’s Spaces Radio Show with host Elaine B. Holtz and guests Robin McKenzie on the North Bay Fire Relief Fund, Misti Harris on Sonoma County Sheriff Emergency Response, and Samantha Kadar on North Bay Science Discovery Day on 10/28, broadcast via KBBF-FM 89.1 on 10/23/17, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Santa Rosa Wild Fire Disaster Resources: Redwoord Credit Union North Bay Fire Relief Fund and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

North Bay Science Discovery Day

Announcements  (See Links below)

Featured Guests

1. Robin McKenzie,  Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications, Redwood Credit Union, on the North Bay Fire Relief Fund

2. Misti Harris, Community Engagement Liaison, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

3. Samantha Kadar, Spokesperson, North Bay Science Discovery Day


1   Robin McKenzie shares how Redwood Credit Union (RCU) was affected by the Wildfire Disaster that destroyed businesses, homes and trailer parks within blocks.  30 RCU emloyees lost homes in the Wild Fire and RCU set up Day Care faicilities for them and offered other help to their employees, especially since the schools were closed.  Robin also shares the care provided for Members of RCU and the greatly successful North Bay Fire Relief Fund that has raised over $11 Million so far.

About our Guest: Robin McKenzie has been with Redwood Credit Union (RCU) for 23 years.  At present Robin as the Senior Vice President leads RCU’s acitivities in marketing, public relations, communications and social media. Robin developed the community and business development departments and has overseen strategic planning, human resources, training and was RCU’s lobbyist for seven years.  Another recent accomplishment under Robin’s leadershgip was RCU’s Lake County fire relief efforts. Thanks to the generous donation of over 12,000, we raised $2.5 million in 12 weeks for the victims of the Lake County fires.

North Bay Fire Relief Fund


Our hearts go out to those affected by the devastating 2017 North Bay fires. Redwood Credit Union (RCU), in partnership with the RCU Community Fund, Inc., The Press Democrat, and Senator Mike McGuire, is now accepting financial donations to assist fire victims and aid relief efforts. 100% of your tax-deductible donations will go directly to support those affected.



2. Misti Harris talks about the Sheriff’s Office response to the Wild Fire Disaster.  29 Sheriff Officers lost their homes in the fire and still reported for duty in the community emergency. Misti shares some Emergency links for those affected by the fire.

About our Guest:: Misti Harris  was born and raised in Truckee, California. She moved to Sonoma County in 2001 to attend Sonoma State University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Planning with a minor in Spanish. She worked as a land use planner at the City of Cotati and Sonoma County for 13 years before working at the Sheriff’s Office. Her professional experience includes land use planning, public policy, and community outreach. She focuses her volunteer efforts at the Food For Thought food bank as a board member and serving clients in English and Spanish.

Guest Links:  Emergency links for the Wild Fire Disaster Relief in Sonoma County

Local Assistance Center, 427 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa. One stop shop for fire victims. (Press Democrat Building)

www.sonomacounty.ca.gov . All resources regarding health, safety, cleanup, etc.

www.scoe.org  Resources for parents with school kids.

www.facebook.com/sonoma.sheriff/  Misty says the Sheriff’s Office willl continue to stay in touch with gthe community with its facebook page.


3. Samantha Kadar talks about the North Bay Science Discovery Day and shares how she becaume interested in science by first asking how weather was related to location. Her quest led her to studies in meterology at the Santa Rosa Junior College and to eventually teaching Geography as a Professor.
About our Guest: Samantha Kadar is a native of Sonoma County whose ancestors settled in the Dry Ctreek area after the Civil War and a retired professor of Geography from California State University Northridge. She holds an A.S. in Earth Science from the Santa Rosa Junior College, a B.A. from Sonoma State University and a M.A. from San Francisco State University, she focused her teaching on the core classes of Geography that embraces the physical processes of the planet, the people who inhabit the planet, and how regional areas developed on the planet. Environmental issues often took center stage in the courses she taught over a twenty year span, as well as encouraging students to embrace a diversity of subjects within Geography and other academic departments so that they would become well informed members of society. She often facilitated this through mentoring and steering them towards academic scholarships to further their paths. Many of her students have gone on to achieve advanced degrees and many have embraced teaching.


North Bay Science Discovery Day
Saturday, October 28, 2017 – 10:00am – 04:00pm
Free Admission, Free Parking
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
1350 Bennett Valley Road
Santa Rosa, California 95404

Announcement Links

Emergency Website of the City of Santa Rosa:


Emergency Website of Sonoma County:


Emergency Website of Napa County:


CalFire Website: www.fire.ca.gov/current_incidents

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