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Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 returns after a 3-week hiatus with host Elaine B. Holtz and guests Crystal Rangel and Evelina Molina on Oaxaca in the Wine Country, and Nikki Pyle on Community Action Coaltion  broadcast on 6/26/17, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Women’s Spaces returns after a 3-week hiatus.

 Announcements and Commentary

Featured Guests

1. Crystal Rangel, Director of Miss Latina Winecountry; CEO and Founder of Crystal Diamante Entertainment ( an event promotion agency).

2. Evelina Molina,  Co-Facilator, Oaxaca in the Wine Country

2. Nikki Pyle, Organizer, Community Action Coalition of Sonoma County; Volunteer at Community Child Care Council (4Cs) of Sonoma County; Teacher

1.   Crystal Rangel shares how she came to the beauty pagent industry and eventually director of the Miss Latina Winecountry.  Crystal talks about the importance of self-esteem and cultural pride in the cultivation of beauty.  The young Latina women participants in this year’s Miss Latina Winecountry will be making an appearance at the upcoming Oaxaca in the Wine Country on July 9th at the recentlhy renovated Santa Rosa Old Courthouse Square.

About our First Guest:  Crystal Rangel, CEO and Founder of “Crystal Diamante Entertainment” an Event and Promotion Agency. Crystal has played a critical role for over 20 years as an Advisory Board Member, Latina Outreach and instructor of professional modeling and personal Development at the Julie Nation Academy. She has been a judge in the pageant industry for 10 years, including the El Festival de la Cancion de California and Festivegas. She is a proud mother of two boys.

Guest Link: https://www.facebook.com/crystal.rangel.92



2. Evelina Molina  has been supporting the Oaxaca in the Wine Country since she attended the first of its annual events six years ago.  She shares how the dances and and art of the native costumes and puppets spoke to her as a Chicana.  The 6th Annual Festival begins at 11 am on July 9th at the recently rennovated Santa Rosa Old Courthouse Square.

About our Second Guest:  Evelina Molina is Co-Founder of Leones en Accion – Lions In Action ( the first Spanish language Lions Club in Northern California, a long-time human rights activist and currently a freelance journalist.  Evelina was a guest on our last show 3 weeks ago about her being an activist, especially in immigrant affairs and her involvement with the Justice for Andy [Lopez] Coalition and the Community Action Coalition of Sonoma County in their campaign to gather signatures for a petition called Dump Trump’s Sheriff – Recall Freitas Campaign.

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/oaxacainthewinecountry/


3.  Nikki Pyle talks how she became active in community affairs and anti-racism with the Community Action Coalition of Sonoma County.

About ourThird Guest:  Nikki Pyle is an organizer with Community Action Coalition and volunteers with Community Child Care Council (4Cs) of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish from Grinnell University and moved to Santa Rosa about two years ago and found her passion for activism, especially around the exploitation of minority groups.

Guest Links:  www.facebook.com/actioncoalitionofsonomacounty/



Music Selections:

Badu Xha pa Zoo sung by Martha Toledo from her Album: Esencia de Mi Terra (Pfive Entertainment)

A Change is Gonna Come sung by Leela James from her Album: A Change is Gonna Come
(Warner Bros Records)

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