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Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 with host Elaine B. Holtz andguests Cami Courtright on Sonoma Solidarity with Standing Rock and Mara Ventura on North Bay Jobs with Justice, broadcast on 5/22/17, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Announcements and Commentary

Featured Guests

1. Cami Courtright, Sonoma Solidarity with Standing Rock

2. Mariela (Mara) Ventura, Lead Organizer of North Bay Jobs with Justice


1.   Cami Courtright shares her journey to active involvement with drawing attention to the Standing Rock movement to protect the water and Native American Tribal rights. She brings us up to date with the move to encourage banks and other investments tools to divest from the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL) venture that is causing the environmental damage and potentially much more to major water sources.

About our First Guest:  Cami Courtright obtained her master’s degree in sociology with an emphasis in gender and cultural studies. In 2000 she volunteered at a Women’s Health Education Resource Center on a Native American reservation in South Dakota. She also has worked in a women’s shelter for abused women on a reservation and in the area of alcohol and drug addiction with various populations including working with Native American women. Cami currently works as a behaviorist for a progressive agency which serves the special needs population. Additionally she has written a humorous blog about her home town (Sebastopol) and recently was invited to be a columnist for Sonoma West Times

Guest Links: Sonoma Solidarity with Standing Rock: (to Facebook page)

The talk that Chase Iron Eyes gave at the SRJC last April 2017 (to YouTube page):


2. Mara Ventura describes the mission of Jobs with Justice and how she rose to the leadership position in the local North Bay chapter. She updates us with recent achievements in the current Good Jobs and Zero Waste Campaign, including the signing of a Teamster Union Contract with the Ratto Group providing Recycle and Waste Services to Santa Rosa.

About our Second Guest: Mariela (Mara) Ventura hails equally from both coasts but has spent the last 10 years organizing on immigration, education, and worker’s rights in the Pacific Northwest. Born in Colombia and brought here as an infant, Mara is a proud queer immigrant and very actively involved in her community. Mara has her BA in Sociology and is deeply committed to social justice and grassroots direct-action organizing. As the lead organizer for North Bay Jobs with Justice, Mara spends the majority of her time helping build a bridge between issues the community is addressing and fights workers are having to win improvements in their workplaces/industries.


Music Selections:

For Those Who Dream by Joanne Shandoah and Paul Orgega, from the album Songs of Native American Women  (Canyon Records)

We Were There
by Bev Grant
from the album Songs of Women’s Labor History (Human Condition Music)

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