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Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 with host Elaine B. Holtz and guest Dr. Harriet Fraad on Mothers Day origins and current motherhood in the USA, broadcast on 5/15/17, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Announcements and Commentary

Featuring Guest

1. Dr. Harriet Fraad, Psychothrerapist, Author,  Feminist

About our Guest:  Dr. Harriet Fraad, Ed.D, is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in private practice in New York City. She is a founding member of the feminist movement and the journal Rethinking Marxism. For 40 years, she has been a radical committed to transforming US personal and political life. She writes regularly for Truthout, and journals such as Tikkun, and The Journal of Psychohistory. Her latest book written with Richard Wolff and Stephen Resnick is Class Struggle on the Home Front (Palgrave 2009). She writes a blog called Economy and Society with Richard D. Wolff that appears on her website, harrietfraad.com, and the website of Richard Wolff, RDWolff.com. Her newest publication is an essay written with Tess Fraad-Wolff, Imagine Personal and Sexual Life Under Socialism which appears in the forthcoming book Imagine Socialism in the USA (Harper Collins, 2013).


1.  Guest Dr. Harriet Fraad highlights some of the original ideas of Julia Ward Howe on Mother Day, as well as those of other women activists at the time. Dr. Fraad then talks about the current situation of mothers in the USA and the mixed messages of the worth of the mother by policy makers who make it difficult for mother’s to nurture their children with decreasing income and social resources.  The effect on men is also discussed.

Guest Links: www.harrietfraad.com


Music Selections:

No Charge by Melba Montgomery, from the album Country Classics released in 1994 – 18 Country Classics (KTEL)

Julia Ward Howe Mothers Day Proclamation recited by Ghizela Rowe, from the album Mother’s Day No. 2 (Prime Music)

My Yiddisha Momme by Sophie Tucker, from the album Shalom Music of the Jewish People (Compendia)

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