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Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 with host Elaine B. Holtz and guests Diane Wheeler on Organize for Action (OFA) and Susan Lamont on the  petition to resist the Trump agenda, broadcast on 1/9/17, our first show for 2017, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Featuring Guests:

1. Diane Wheeler: member, Organize for Action (OFA) chapter in Sonoma County

2. Susan Lamont,  Pettioner, It Won’t Happen Here – Sonoma County Resistance to the Trump Agenda


Guest  1.  Diane Wheeler has worked as a producer in the film industry for 20 years, creating independent and mainstream film and television projects. She has produced in New York, California, Louisiana, Texas, Florida and Arkansas. She has also founded, managed and contributed to non-profit work throughout her career – focusing on environmental issues, youth empowerment, education, and film arts and is now part of the Organize for Action (OFA) project in Sonoma County. Diane discusses how she was motivated to contribute her time to OFA, which is committed to finding and training the next generation of effective progressive organizers. OFA is a 501(c)(4) orgnaization that can advocate for legislation but not for political candidates and was founded by Barack and  Michelle Obama and supporters during the 2008 campaign for President.

Guest Link:  www.ofa.us


Guest 2.  Susan Lamont is a longtime peace and social justice activist, who is currently affiliated with Sonoma County’s Green Party, Police Brutality Coalition and Veterans for Peace. Susan co-authored a petition to the Board of Supervisors of Sonoma County and to the city councils in the county titled: It Won’t Happen Here – Sonoma County Resistance to the Trump Agenda. Susan discusses the concerns the petitioners have for protecting the human rights of all in the county. The petition can be read and signed online at


Guest Link: www.it-wont-happen-here.org

Music Selections: 

By My Silence by Ellen Bukstel (CD) from her album Daddy’s Little Girl http://ellenbukstel.com/music/

Battle Hymn of Women by Betsy Rose with the Womansong Chorus from the album Welcome to the Circle