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Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 with host Elaine B. Holtz and guests Guadalupe De La Cruz and Pat Christensen on Call 2-1-1 Sonoma referral hotline, and Lynda Hopkins on her 5th District Sonoma County Supervisor campaign, broadcast on 10/17/16, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Featuring Guest:

1. Guadalupe De La Cruz, Manager, Call 2-1-1 Sonoma, Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

2. Pat Christiansen, Intern, Call 2-1-1 Sonoma, Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

3. Lynda Hopkins, Candidate for Sonoma County 5th District Supervisor


Guests 1.  and 2. Guadalupe De La Cruz and Pat Christiansen are on the Volunteer Center’s Call 2-1-1 staff and talk about the help line to find county resources.  They help folks find shelter and food pantry listings, education and employment opportunities and much more.  One needs only to dial 211 on the phone for direct connection, or one can call 1-800-325-9604 for fast, free, and confidential referrals.

Guest Link: www.211sonoma.org


Guest 3. Lynda Hopkins is one of two final candidates, both women, on the ballot for the 5th District Supervisor of Sonoma County. This will be the first time that the County Supervisors will have a majority of women on the Board. Lynda is the owner with her husband of Foggy River Farm in the Russian River Valley supplying locally-grown organic produce. Lynda has her Masters Degree in Stanford’s Earth Systems Program in coastal ecosystems and land use policy. She is a policy advocate on behalf of small family farms. Lynda is the mother of two children.  She discusses what sets her apart from the other candidate, who was interviewed last week on Women’ Spaces with the same questions.

Both candidates were asked a surpise question on the regulation of the medical cannabis industry in the county.

Guest Link: www.lyndaforsupervisor.com

Music Selections:  “Walking Prayers” by Gina Loring  (on YouTube)

 Horrible Histories’ Suffragettes Song  (on YouTube)