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Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 with host Elaine B. Holtz and guests Jackie Barr as delegate at the Democratic Convention, Julie Combs on homeless emergency in Santa Rosa, and Liz Uribe on ArtStart ,  broadcast on 8/1/16, has been uploaded to the web archives.


Featuring Guests:

1. Jackie Barr, California Delegate for Bernie Sanders on the Democratic Convention

2. Julie Combs, Santa Rosa City Councilmember

3. Liz Uribe, Co-Founder, ArtStart


Guest 1.  Jackie Barr, a Class of 2016 high school graduate from Sonoma County and a California Delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Convention, reports on her experience from her committment to Bernie’s campaign and to convening with the delegates for Hilary Clinton for eventual party unity under a Pary platform influenced by Bernie but to be led by Clinton.


Guest 2.  Julie Combs reports on the recent homelessness emergency measures taken by the Santa Rosa City Council, including a letter to the Governor asking for funds to ease the situation.

Guest Link: jjcombs@srcity.org


Guest 3. Liz Uribe and her husband Mario founded Art Start, an award winning 501c(3) non-profit organization supporting youth learning the professional skills of an artist with the media of public art. A Party for Art will be held on Friday August 5 from 6 to 10 pm to raise funds for ArtStart at the
ArtStart Studio,
716 Bennett Valley Road,
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Event Link: Party for Art

Guest Link: http://www.artstart.us/


Music Selections:
Standing on the Shoulders
Sung by Earth Mama  (on Youtube)

We Are The World  -The Next Generation.  The Youth comes together in an effort to remake We are the World for UNITY. Produced and Directed by Pet Project Productions. (on Youtube)