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Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 with host Elaine B. Holtz and guest Janey Hirsh of American Dreamplayers’ theatre piece Frakula, broadcast on 4/13/15, has been added to the Radio Archives.


To listen to the 60-minute recording click the link to the archive page above.

Guest: Janey Hirsh , Producer, American Dreamplayers


Music Break: Earth Song by Michael Jackson and performed by Lisa Lavie

Guest: Janey Hirsh discusses producing the theatre piece and CD of Frackula.  Fracking is the theme and the dangers are presented of this deep injection drilling of oil.

Guest Link: www.americandreamplayers.org

Poetry:  If Only  written and spoken by Elaine B. Holtz

If Only

If only we could see we are all one in human kind.
Bombs dropping from the sky,
What makes us so unkind that accept these things?

Mother shelters her baby in the night.
She is full of fright,
eyes glazed on the lit up sky, whispering, “God, why?”
Children needing food, their stomachs bursting out,
so hungry they lost the ability to shout,
“Please feed me; see me; and hold me;
bathe me in the waters, warm, cold and clean.”

What is it?
What needs to change?
What stops you — what stops me
from seeing the simplicity of it all?

The hearts call,
“Feed me;
see me;
hold me;
know me.”

Elaine B. Holtz