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A frequent guest on Women’s Spaces, Sharon Maser Danaceau, passed away on February 18, 2015 in Santa Rosa, California.

Sharon Maser, Founder, Women's School

Sharon Maser, Founder, Women’s School

Sharon Maser Danaceau (1943-2015) left this as her last testimony for Women:

You Have a Mandate

As a woman, you have a Mandate.
It is to bring forth life
and nurture and support it.
Simple and stra1ght forward.

As a woman, you have it: A Mandate to create and protect life.
What more do you need?

It’s not so easy though.
It requires self-awareness
and bravery
to go against the huge destructive wave.
The tsunami of annihilation.

Why women?
Why are women given this mandate, this leadership –
The tender and gentlest of all,
The least war-like?
Think about it

Because that is exactly who we are.
Not threatening.
Not combative

And we are everywhere
Because of our relationships
We all have them.
And we go everywhere.
We teach; we model; we lead.

Relationships are about the heart
About things that bind us
Empathy. Compassion. Connection.

It is our soft loving way
And it works really well.

by Sharon Maser Danaceau (1943-2015)

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