Women’s Spaces Radio Show on KBBF-FM 89.1 with host Elaine B. Holtz  and guests Alicia Sanchez on KBBF Fundraiser and Terri Carrion on 100,00 Poets March on 9/27/14 , broadcast on 9/15/14, has been added to the Radio Archives.


To listen to the 60-minute recording click the link to the archive page above.


1. Alicia Sanchez

2. Terri Carrion


Music Break: The Gold Miners’ Song: We’re in the Money  by the Boswell Sisters

Guest 1: Alicia Sanchez, President of the KBBF Board of Directors and Office Coordinator, talks about the KBBF Fundraiser Gala Start on Saturday September 28, 2014.

Guest Link:  www.kbbf-fm.org

Music Break:  St. Francis Prayer: Make Me a Channel of Your Peace  – sung by Anna Alvarezful

Guest 2.  Terri Carrion, co-Founder of 100,000 Poets for Change, an international social media phenomena begun to give expression to artists especially for social justice, announces the annual celebratory march for Sustainability and Peace in Santa Rosa on Saturday  9/27/14 beginning at noon.

Guest Link: 100tpc.org

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