Women’s Spaces Weekly Radio Show with guest Susan Lamont on New Press/Nueva Prensa print debut and Starhawk on Street Action Leadership Workshop, broadcast 12/23/13 over KBBF 89.1 FM, has been added to the Radio Archives


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1. Community Announcements

2.  21:32  Interview with Susan Lamont on the publication of the first print issue of New Press / Nueva Prensa.  The first issue includes articles on the killing of 13-year old Andy Lopez by Sheriff Deputy Erick Gelhaus on a sunny afternoon in an unincorporated area of SW Santa Rosa.

3.  41:30 Interview with Starhawk, who will be giving the Street Action Leadership Training in non-violence at the Arlene Francis Center on Saturday 12/28/1 1pm-5pm.  She speaks about the importance of strategy and planning campaigns and seeing the event as part of the campaign. It takes works, including the glammorous busy time needed to work on events.

Elaine B. Holtz and Starhawk on Women's Spaces
Elaine B. Holtz and Starhawk on Women’s Spaces 5/22/2009

Guest Link: http://starhawk.org/
Permaculture training with Starhawk:   www.earthactivisttraining.org/

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