Hello Everyone and Welcome to Women’s Spaces Blog.

I want to wish everyone a joyous holiday season, one filled with health, happiness and loving relationships.  I also wanted to share the following meditation I wrote.  It came after relaxing from all the work I have done this season.  I hope this is something everyone cannot only enjoy but utilize in their personal life.

So much going on in the world today that I believe it is positive to take time out to reflect and let the Universe know the desire in our heart.  Love and Peace to all.

A Meditation

By Elaine B. Holtz

 Oh Great Spirit Guide me Today and Show me the way and show all the people the way to your way.

Oh Great Spirit protect our brothers and sisters on the east coast as the waters of the Atlantic cleanse their souls so they may know that working for Peace and Life is all there is.

Oh Great Spirit open our hearts and minds to our Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Help us to see and understand that they are our source, they are the connection between you and the infinite which we all share.

Oh Great Spirit help us to see and teach that the way we demonstrate our service to you is through our service to others.

And above all let us all embrace life for we are but temporary renters on this vast mystery and through knowing this we will know that the difference between life and death is simple, one breath.

Let us see that as long as there is breath in our bodies and love in our hearts we will live the life that you want us to live.  Thank you for the Garden, I pray we learn to love it and use it only in the tenderest of ways.

Oh Great Spirit open our spirit and our soul to the wisdom that all life on this planet are one in the same.  All need light and warmth from our powerful sun, air, water, shelter and above all freedom from harm.

Oh Great Spirit I pray that we learn these lessons and once again find our way back to the Garden of Eden.  The place you wanted us to be and because of our greed we left and it is through releasing our greed we return.